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www.timberlineknolls.com- Digital Marketing Analysis

The purpose of this short report is analyse one of the top ranking websites in the Addiction Rehab Centre industry:

  • Identify what they are doing successfully and what you should be doing
  • Identify opportunities to exploit in order to compete with them

Typing ‘Heroin Addiction’ into Google.com brings this addiction and behavioural treatment centre up in position 1

addiction treatment seo

There are over 12100 searches for that one key search term alone

And not only that

The website ranks position 1 for many other addiction and behavioural disorder key search terms including ‘Meth Addiction’ and other high traffic generating terms related to Anorexia and Bulimia

Let’s have a look at the organic traffic this website generates every month using some software; SEM Rush.

There is a free version available here:www.semrush.com

seo drug rehab

Timber Line Knolls got a whopping 118,000 visits last month!

AND that was organically alone – without any paid advertising

Let’s look at some of the key search terms this business ranks for


And that is not even half of the key search terms this site ranks first for in google.com

Timberline Knolls are an established and well known business in this market space.

Evident by the 6000 searches for the company itself ‘Timberline Knolls’ each month

The chart below summarises the distribution of traffic following any search in relation to the ranking of the website

addiction rehab marketing

As you can see simply being found on page 1 is now no longer enough

60% of all the traffic generated by any one search will click through to the top three results!

The vast number of position 1 rankings and the traffic these individual key terms are generating adds up.

A point to note when analysing your own website is that only 10% of ALL the traffic from any search will never venture past page 1!

All the information a searcher will gather and all the businesses they will ever work with will be found right there on the first page

So by now you  must be asking:

How are Timberline Knolls dominating the search results?

Let’s start with their website  

The Website – www.timberlineknolls.com

alcohol treatment centre

First appearance; this site is well designed overall Good Features:-

  • Clear unique selling proposition (USP) – instantly distinguishes itself from the competition and lets visitors know they have arrived on the correct page.
  • Clear call to action – ‘Get confidence help now’ tells the visitor exactly what to do.
  • Clear telephone number and a clickable ‘email us’ tab that takes you directly to a contact form.
  • Hero Shot – This video is well place and labelled above the fold with so entice a visitor to click on the video and engage with the site. The video showcases the service on offer and gives you a chance to meet the people responsible face to face.

Missing components:

  • Email capture form – could have been used above the fold or using a pop to capture a visitors email address in order to re target to them later.
  • Social Proof – The site has received a number of reviews across the internet and could have displayed them above the fold.
  • Testimonials and professional accreditation could also be displayed above the folder to build trust.
  • Social share buttons are missing above the fold.

Mobile Site – The inlay below shows how the website appears on the I Phone 6S

alcohol and drug addiction rehab

With over half of all searches carried out on a mobile device it is vital the mobile site is setup to offer the best user experience and convert visits to sales

The site is mobile friendly and looks good on a mobile device

There is a clear Unique Sales Proposition and clear call to action

The ‘email us’ now tab is also clear and clickable on a mobile device

The biggest weakness here is that there is no ‘click to call’ telephone number

This would really improve conversions from visits on a mobile device to sales


Site Speed

Checking www.timberlineknolls.com at  https://tools.pingdom.com for site page load speed we can see there is slight room for improvement

alcohol and drug addiction treatment

It is stated that in today’s fast paced world anything over 2 seconds is too long for the average visitors patience

And this is even more so the case when viewing on a mobile device

Google Developers page insights on https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ give’s us a list of the issues that need to be addressed. alcohol and drug addiction rehab marketing    alcohol and drug addiction rehab seo

As you can see Google isn’t too impressed

The advice is mainly to utilise image compression, caching and some coding changes to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

These sound scary but are fairly simple

Check your site and then ask your developer to take care of any issues.


Technical Audit Onsite

We ran this site through Screaming Frog software which allows us to crawl the website and pick up any potential technical issues with website onsite structure.

alcohol and drug addiction rehab online marketing

I have highlighted a number of errors

For SEO purposes duplicated or missing Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 & H2 Headings must be addressed.

Where the Meta description is over 156 characters they will not display properly in the search results The same goes for Titles and Header tags were they exceed the 65 and 70 characters respectively

These are conversion factors that will possibly affect the decision of someone viewing the search engine results as to which site they will pick from the listing to visit Let me show you

alcohol rehab online marketing

As you can see the Title & Meta Descriptions are not optimised to encourage a click through I have compared this with a Google Ad that appears in the same results

Although the layout is different they have packed in some important conversion factors, benefits, social proof, usp and telephone number

Now lets get into how Timberline Knolls are getting ALL that traffic!


Social Media Involvement

Timberlines Knolls have a good following on Facebook and Twitter and actively engage with them; sometimes two or three times a day

addiction rehab online marketing

They have over 9800 followers on Facebook drug rehab online marketing

Over 1460 followers on Twitter

alcohol addiction rehab online marketing

They also have a number of YouTube videos and as of today have 253 subscribers Social media involvement not only helps with brand awareness, trust and can even generate organic leads

Timberline Knolls also regularly update all their social media platforms and are actually engaging with their audience but social signals, where people interact with your brand, share and discuss with their peers are also a big part of Google’s algorithm


Offsite Search Engine Optimisation – Backlinks

Backlinks, where a website is linked to another via a hyperlink, are still the number 1 factor among the some 200 others that Googles algorithm considers when ranking a website – they are viewed as votes of confidence by search engines as a link to another website suggests their is valuable content at the destination

Now we will analyse the backlink profile of the website using Majestic SEO’s software from www.majestic.com,

We will gauge not only how many back links a site has But also the quality of them

The more technical aspects of this analysis are discussed in greater detail in our comprehensive SEO guide available here Drug Rehab Marketing



As you can see there are over 164,480 back links pointing at this site from 1,096 separate domains or website URLs!

There is also 13 education back links and 1 government link pointing at this site – these are seriously high trust factors that will be considered in ranking this site

The next thing we will look at using this software is the quality of the back links pointing at their site although I am sure by now you are starting to get the idea that they are likely to be very good!

below is a list of the first 8 or so




These are some very good links indeed

I discuss this in more in the addiction rehab centre guide but the Citation Flow and Trust Flow of this first 8 backlinks are very high over 40 and the pairs are all closely matched in ratio.

Clicking through on the hyperlink in this list of back links to the referring domain gives us a better idea of the quality

Here are 4 sites that link to Timberline Knolls’s website




As you can see they have been featured in a range of charity and counselling forums which are high trust, high authority sites

Their back link profile is also more or less what we’d expect to see with a site ranking this well

This shows the ratio of anchor text used in the links themselves which the search engines also take into consideration.

For example www.sblivemedia.com is one where as a stronger keyword based anchor would be Addiction Treatment SEO, both link to the same page but use different ‘Anchor text’ to get there


The anchor text ratio is also ‘clean’

Although the ratios are slightly lower than what we take as being the ‘ideal’ scenerio

Ideal Anchor Ratio

  1. Naked URL – 25%
  2. Brand name – 15%
  3. Business owner –5%
  4. Main keyword – 5%
  5. Other anchor text – 50%

But overall the ratio looks good, the most important thing is that it is not keyword heavy (which could lead to penalty) and clearly works!


Timberline Knolls are doing a very good job of their digital marketing

The website is well designed and should convert visitors to sales very well

Their social media is also very well managed

The company is well known and well cited, a huge number of high trust and high authority website are linking out to it.

A couple of weaknesses that we have identified are the on-site setup:

There are a number of missing and duplicate Titles and Headings and the meta descriptions are poorly optimised.


Their google my business page has received a number of very bad reviews which could seriously hurt this companies business.

If we were talking with them we would strongly advise a well planned and executed reputation management campaign.

This company is dominating the search results and pretty well setup to convert the traffic they generate to paying clients month in month out.

To compete with and eventually out rank this company is not impossible but it will be very difficult unless handled by an expert in this industry.

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