9 Easy to Fix Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

That it is VERY difficult to convert first time visitors to your website in the Health Retreat industry to sales.

But, does it have to be?

From our experience dealing with an increasing number of companies in this industry it actually turns out that ALL successful businesses incorporate a number of common features….

….where missing,

these often fairly simple digital marketing mistakes can halt a company’s growth…

…whilst their competition benefits.

Let’s look at some of the most common problems SB Live Media encounter with our client’s sites and hopefully give you some tactics to incorporate within your digital marketing strategy.


I’ll let you into a SECRET, EVERYTHING here:

Can be QUICKLY remedied by yourself or your Webmaster at little or NO COST.

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Landing Page Design – First Impressions Count!

OK lets get started:

In order to succeed with digital marketing your business it is crucial to not only understand the needs of your consumers but also to readily display that you do.

You need to display that you offer the solution or service they are searching for.

Of course digital marketing can be daunting and confusing.

You see:

Although there are many different strategies and techniques available to increase your visibility online and with it your sales and company bottom line…


an equal number of factors that may potentially hold you back…


By sticking our guidelines get more increase and less holding back

Let me show you:

How to increase how visitors treat the information on your website by 84%

Let’s jump in and have a look at the actual layout and components you must consider

First things first…..What is the FOLD?

The fold makes reference to the now old fashioned printing term where a broad sheet newspaper is folded.

Any important information must be positioned above this in order to have the maximum impact and entice the reader to continue.

With regard to modern website design your business should immediately engage with the visitor, let them know they are in the right place and distinguish your business from the competition.

Seagulls Village


This website is a little confusing on first appearance.

Can you guess what this website is about?

There are a lot of important details missing ‘above the fold’ that could otherwise make an instant impression and communicate with the visitor.

No doubt about it:

All this information and a clear Call for Action AND your contact details must be ‘Above the Fold’ the area immediately visible to a visitor before they are forced to scroll down to attempt to find it.


IN FACT: Nielsen Norman Group concluded that, “84% is the average difference in how users treat info above vs. below the fold. Huge. Believe in the fold”

Landing pages do not work unless they have these 5 things:

Before we even look at how to get more people to your website

I think it’s important we discuss what a visitor should find when they get there.

Here a great summary of the Anatomy of a successful landing page design from Unbounce.com


The 5 Components:

1.The Value proposition – Unique Selling Point (USP)

rehab marketing expertsWhat is your page about?

What is your business offering?

The USP can further be broken down into 4 components throughout your web page:

1.Main Headline 

This should be the very first thing a visitor sees, should match what they clicked originally to get to the site (the Google search result, Facebook Ad etc) clearly describe what is on offer and confirm they have come to the correct place.

2.Supporting Sub Headline

Used to support the headline’s message or simply to keep the site looking neat by breaking the headline up

It is vital the purpose of your page is clear from these two elements alone!

3.Reinforcing Statement

Although appearing below the fold; usually half way down the page it is good practice to include a further statement for the benefit of a visitor scanning the page to further communicate your company’s USP and highlight another key benefit

4.Closing Argument

The final opportunity to communicate your companies USP and benefit.

This should be combined with your ‘Call to Action’.


From www.thelandingpagecourse.com “A great way to identify whether your USP is clear enough, try a 5-second test. This is where you present test subjects (people) with your landing page for 5 seconds, then hide it from view. At this point you ask the test subject to explain what the page is about. Refine your USP until people are consistently getting it right.”


2.The ‘Hero Shot’

yoga retreat seo expertsIn the industries we work with there is NO REASON NOT TO include some beautiful imagery or video of the exotic locations, indulgent activities or luxurious locations that our clients happy customer will part with (an ample amount of) money to enjoy.

The Hero Shot should make your service (or product) desirable and stand out from your competition

and should work well with the heading and sub-heading to deliver a clear message.

The hero shot should dominate the page above the fold.


‘Context of Use’ People like to buy from people. It is a fact that websites that display the business owner(s) or staff convert A LOT better. Including a Picture or video of yourself, with a personal introduction or quote can go a long way. Showing yourself (or staff) in action, providing the service you offer to happy clients will REALLY make your business stand out over the competition.

3.Benefit Statements & Feature descriptions

marketing expert health and wellnessHere we will address the wants & needs of the visitor or ‘Pain Points:


Business people may be exhausted and overwhelmed by their daily grind and commitments

Features (of your Health Retreat):

  • Exotic location
  • Peace and Tranquillity
  • Health Food
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes

Benefits (Of your Health Retreat):

  • Scenic Beauty, climate etc
  • Relaxation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Learning/improving Yoga, Meditation etc

A Benefit Statement could be:       

‘Are you exhausted from the daily grind of modern life?

Overwhelmed by endless emails and an ever amounting inbox:

Relax, revitalise and recharge at one of our luxurious and escape the pressures of modern  life

But wait there’s more:

Once the pain points have clearly been identified and then remedied with your services benefits we can expand on these with descriptions of your services features.

Simply Stated:

The benefits describe how the pain points are solved.

The features are how it does so.

Use images where possible here to demonstrate and then clearly describe in text what it is your company provides.

4.Social Proof

online marketing health resortsIts a fact that people are more likely to buy, sign up or subscribe if they know other people have before them.

You see:

Everyone is scared of being tricked, ripped off or looking foolish and may be hesitant until they know they are not the first.

Reviews are popular for a reason as people love having decisions made for them and the gravity of a bad decision removed from their responsibility.

There are a number of ways we can do this:

We can state number of sales or signups in our headings

Better yet:

We can use personal testimonials from customers

Again including a photo of the referrer is pure gold.


5.The ‘Call to Action’

Now the most important part:

Your whole website should be geared towards this event.

The ‘Call to action’ will result in the conversion goal that will drive your business.

Cebu Drug Rehabilitation Center


Some ideas for missing ‘Call to Action’ elements.

NOTE: These annotations are only suggestions and the locations are only as a demonstration.

We recommend a proper design consultation before implementing

As we will discuss later, due to the average cost of services in the luxury markets a visitor to the site will really sign up then and there and hand over a substantial sum of money to person or company unfamiliar to them

It is more likely therefore we will look to capture there information, even if only an email address and name, in a lead generation form.

No doubt about it:

The call to action marks the point between conversion or ‘bounce’ – where a visitor leaves the site potentially never to return.

Your call to action consists of two elements, design and copy

Copy should answer two questions:

Where should I click?  

Why should I fill out this information / click this button?

These two elements of the  Call to Action are a science in themselves and worthy of an article of their own.

Some basic tips though:


Colour, size and location to attract the visitor’s attention are used with great effect.

Obviously the bigger, brighter and more prominent (it goes without saying ideally this will be above the fold) the more people will take notice and take action.


Button text – NEVER have a button asking a visitor to ‘Submit’!


Why would anyone want to do that??

Instead answer the question ‘what do I want?’

and so a button may read:

‘Get my free PDF’ or ‘Send me my discount’

The surrounding copy should also highlight the ease of the process;

‘Get started quickly’ ,

‘Open your new account in less than 60 seconds’ etc

There is a great article that covers this subject in a lot more depth at Smashing Magazine

TAKEAWAY Any action a visitor can take; ANY click, should move them further down the sales funnel (or close the browser tab – but we will take measures to ensure they don’t do this!) There should be NO links to outside pages – Don’t give them any reason (or option) to leave your page! Navigation to other internal pages to display further informations on benefits, features, testimonials or whatever will not hurt…. But the conversion goal’s Call to Action must be displayed at any end destination. ALSO: Consider moving Social Media links and Share buttons beneath the fold or removing completely from Home / Landing page 

The 9 common weaknesses that may be TAKING MONEY from your pocket!

Now we have discussed the basically elements that all websites should employ on their ‘Home’ and Landing pages we will look at the 9 common mistakes that we have seen time and time again.

As we stated earlier these basic online marketing mistakes are VERY simple, EASILY & CHEAPLY corrected


If left unattended WILL damage your conversion rate & demote  your website in the eyes of the search engines reducing organic traffic to the site.

And as if that’s not enough

I am sure I don’t have to explain that this WILL cause you to:


We CANNOT and WILL NOT let that happen!

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Please read on:

Contact details

You may be surprised, (or may be not) with the number of businesses who approach us to solve the mystery why although they ARE generating traffic to their website

their visitors are simply not converting to sales;

only for us to find they have not got their contact details on the landing page above the fold!

Sol Wellness Holistic Healing Centre of Hong Kong


A really nice looking site and as the slider changes picture various Headings and Sub Headings do point to the benefits of this business’ services.


this example is flawed as there are not contact details immediately available.

There is no telephone number or email address;

only a ‘Contact us’ button which must take a visitor to another page before the action may be carried out.

We live in a fast paced world where people want everything they need served up immediately without any effort.

Even before we discuss mobile optimisation and ‘clickable telephone numbers’ it is absolutely vital that someone that lands on your webpage can contact you,

without having to navigate away from the page or even scroll down.

So make sure a CLEARLY DISPLAYED phone number with international dialling code is displayed at a minimum.

We like our clients to also include an email address but the more information you can give the better.

Nurture Wellness Village Nature Hotel Spa Tagaytay Philippines


This website aesthetically looks very good.

It includes tabs just above the fold to make a reservation or ‘book weekdays’

however this example is also flawed as there are not contact details immediately available.

Call to Action

We discussed this earlier in more detail but a ‘Call to Action’ in the industries we deal with will in most cases consist of a Reservation or Booking form,

a ‘Contact us’ form or ‘Call now’ button.

These should be clearly displayed and available on EVERY screen.

Auraliya Sri Lanka Luxury Villa


In this example there is absolutely no one way of contacting the company above the fold.


These annotations are only suggestions and the locations are only as a demonstration.

We recommend a proper design consultation before implementing

have highlighted a couple of areas where contact details could go – we could even add a contact form on the right hand side.

There is also no information so besides the pretty picture and knowing what key word I searched in Google to find this site there is nothing to tell me what’s on offer,

why I should choose this company over its competition or even how I go about doing it!

Speaking of CTAs:


Contact Forms

Following on from above regarding the ‘Call to Action’ element of the website in the industries we deal with we like to see a contact form above the fold.

If you are reading this I will assume your business is in the luxury health or travel industry,

or similar,

and so the price of your services will start at a couple of thousand dollars.

It is safe to say then that we are out of the area of impulse buys!

The behaviour and psychological factors that will form the basis for a sale in this price range must be considered in your sales funnel and process.

Even just a small email capture form,

when coupled with a tempting offer (Trip Wire – free PDF guide, free gift, discount news etc)

will allow you to collect warm leads that you may retarget through email marketing but more on this later.

Would you pay $2000 to a complete stranger?

If you are anything like myself the answer is probably a resounding ‘NO’

It is important then that we can build trust;

become a friend or better still a teacher.

Carmel Hotels Carmel Valley Ranch Luxury Hotels Carmel by the Sea


Here is another nice example of a good looking site for a ranch in the US offering health resort, weddings & spa retreat services.

Some important points have been included;

telephone (this is also actually clickable which is great but more on that later)

and a ‘Call to Action calling a visitor to ‘Book Now’.

First thing we would like to improve is that he site is missing a clear Headline & Sub heading – it is not immediately apparent what this site is offering.

The second main thing is that although the option to call or book ARE there, and that is great, is that we could capitalise on the traffic this site generates by capturing some information and following up with some clever email marketing.


These annotations are only suggestions and the locations are only as a demonstration.

We recommend a proper design consultation before implementing.

It is said in marketing that to transform a visitor to a customer and yourself from stranger to trusted supplier it’s necessary to have somewhere between 5 and 7 “points of contact”.

The initial visit to your site is ‘point 1’ the next 4 to 6 points may be built through email marketing to visitors whose have initially expressed interest in your business by visiting the site and leaving their email address.

By delivering them valuable content through regular emails you begin to build a conversation earn their trust and eventually win their business over your competitor,

whose website they will also likely have visited.

It goes without saying of course that you should not drive them away by ‘spamming’ them with a constant bombardment of ‘special offers’ and promotions!

Home The Farm House India


This example again has no headings and the imagery doesn’t accurately display the company’s services including health retreats, yoga retreat, detox and Ayurveda – this is a shame because when you take time to explore the site this company is very impressive!

Above the fold the site only offers a link through to the ‘Contact us’ page which would mean a visitor having to click and be taken through to a separate page.

Although there is ample space there are not only contact details,


NOTE: These annotations are only suggestions and the locations are only as a demonstration.

We recommend a proper design consultation before implementing

Mobile Friendly  

The majority of users coming to your site in 2016 are now most likely to be using a mobile device!

It is therefore essential that your site is ‘mobile friendly’.

The desktop version of a site may be difficult to view on a mobile device and requiring the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content will be frustrating experience and more likely cause abandon the site.

Check your site here with – Google Web Developers Tool Heres an example:

Home  Radiant Being  Retreats Best Health Retreats Yoga Retreats Yoga Holidays Surfing Retreats Luxury Hen weekends Organic Maitraya Luxury Private Retreat


This site looks great in desktop version BUT a quick check using Google’s own ‘mobile friendly’ Tool gives the following results:


As you can see this site has failed the test;

picking up on points like the test being too small to read. This will not only cause visitors to leave but also damage the site in terms of Search Engine visibility.

Click to Call

Click-to-call-postGoing hand in hand with being ‘Mobile Friendly’ an important for ALL websites to include is a ‘click to call’ button.

Chris Mitchell Marketing has a good article with more information on Click to Call HERE

Visitors that access the mobile site will expect to be able to contact you at the touch of a button – with navigating through the site or ‘copy and pasting’ any information.

You should provide this facility clearly on the mobile home page.

mandalaspaandresortvillas EXAMPLE

In this example you can see that business uses a booking form to great effect in both the desktop version and the smaller mobile friendly version.

Where the website lets the business down as can be seen in the smaller screen overlaid is that there is no ‘Click to Call’ Button.

A visitor to this page my only wish to make a quick enquiry NOT a booking and leave as a result.


Responsive Website

Google includes responsive website design in its 200+ ranking factors.

If that is not a good enough reason in itself user experience of potential visitors is greatly affected by websites that do not display correctly on whatever device the site is accessed; desktop, tablet or smart phone.

This WILL cause a percentage of visitors to leave.

Check it with this Chrome Plugin – Responsive Web Design Tester

Page Speed

Google likes fast page loading sites and so do people!

A fast site is a good user experience and will lead to higher conversions.

It has been proven that the ‘bounce rate’ increases with page load speed.

Again in the modern age people have very little patience.

Check your site here with – Pingdom page load tool

See Google’s tools for more details – Google Web Developers Tool

Your target is 2 seconds!

Any slower than that and a high percentage of people WILL NOT wait and LEAVE!

Luxury Taupo Accommodation at The Point Villas – Luxury Lodges New Zealand Taupo


This nice clean site although fairly basic in design is loading VERY slowly which will cause visitors to leave and cause it to drop through the search engine rankings.

Website speed test

In fact the page load speed when tested in Pingdom Tools is over 11.37 seconds!

PageSpeed Insights

Some of the errors are highlighted here in Google Developers Page Insight Tools.

Facebook Pixel and/or Google Tag

We have discussed a contact form and email capture on the landing page due to the nature of our business and the likely sales funnel that will be successful.

Unlike these methods of email capture a pixel or tag allows you to capture your site’s visitors IP address like a rolling email list BUT in WITHOUT asking them or offering them something in return!

They can then be personally re-targeted in a Facebook or Google Ads campaign.

Facebook also provides some other very cool targeting features that allow you to display your adverts to ‘lookalike audiences’:

Facebook identifies people in similar geographic locations, similar interests, employment and online behaviours to those that have already visited your site and will then personally serve them your adverts!

This is easily implemented but if you have any trouble please give us a quick call on +44 (0) 203 2890654 or message us here and we will be please to send you some information to get you started with this invaluable service.

Scroll Up Button

Another factor that will improve user experience, reduce the ‘bounce rate’ and lead to a higher conversion rate is the application of a scroll up function.

A scroll up function is a simply a floating button that remains visible on your screen no matter how far you have scrolled down that with a single click will return you to the top of the page where the visitor is likely to find your contact information.



But it’s too late now…..my website is already built!

No its NOT!

These small changes and/or additions can normally be made very easily and it gets better:

These costs should be minimal if not:


If for whatever reason you are unable to implicate these on your existing website we recommend Unbounce’s services at http://unbounce.com/

This is NOT an affiliate link we genuinely recommend them!

Their pricing is more than reasonable for and even offer some services free of charge.

They also provide a huge amount of free information about landing pages and conversions.

For a COMPLETE walk-through to SEO see our Drug Rehab SEO Guide here.

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Helping them help others






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