Digital Marketing Strategy Analysis

www.gwinganna.com – Digital Marketing Analysis

The purpose of this short report is analyse one of the top ranking websites in the Health Retreat industry:

  • Identify what they are doing successfully and what you should be doing
  • Identify opportunities to exploit in order to compete with them

Typing ‘Health Retreat into Google’s in either the USA region ‘.com’ or Australia ‘.com.au’ brings this site up in the top 3.

And not only that

Along with it several  review and directory websites

As you can see below in its local region; Australia, it appears position 1 in the organic listing


position 1 with its Google My Business listing.


So what does this mean?

Lets have a look at the organic traffic traffic analysed using SEM Rush.

Free version available here:


health retreat seo

Gwinganna gets a massive 8300 visits per month on average




That’s organically alone – without paid advertising

You can also see that 37.59% of that is from the Google My Business (GMB) map listing.

An important point to note here is that ‘Gwinganna’ as a key search term is getting searched as a key term 3600 times a month on its own!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out who is number 1 and getting the vast majority of traffic for that search


This brings us to another really important point that may surprise you.

The chart below shows where traffic from any search will end up

seo ranking chart

You can see then that just being on page 1 is not enough:

roughly 60% of the traffic generated by any one search will click through to the top three results.

And only 10% will ever venture past page 1!




So what are they doing that I’m not?

Before we get too in deep what exactly they are doing to rank in the top 3 for so many high volume key search terms

lets have a look at some weaknesses with their website and online presence in general:


The Website – www.gwinganna.com

First appearance: the website is actually pretty out-dated and plain

gwinganna website


No clear unique selling proposition (USP) – They are missing the opportunity to really sell a visitor when they land

The USP should tell a visitor immediately that they are in the right place and why they don’t need to look any further

No call to action – A clear call to action should be used to tell a visitor exactly what to do.

Only a small telephone number (top right)


The ‘featured promotions’ tab is also hardly visible – grey with white writing does not stand out

An email capture form is also ideally place above the fold so that first time visitors can be re-targeted through email marketing.

Social share buttons are missing and the site does not link to any social media on the homepage or the contacts page!

In fact you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find a link to a contact page or get an email address – In this fast paced world of 2016 this may be the difference between a lead or a bounced visit.

Gwinganna does utilise a pop up

pop up


Not only is the call to action VERY feint using the white text on grey background we saw before, see below

It can be easily closed by clicking outside


If you actually click the link are sent to a shop for a book for $54 AUD!



This is opened as an extra window so there is no back function

When you close the page you aren’t redirected you go back to the same page with the pop up!

I would be willing to bet this unnecessary redirection causes more harm than good

A popup offering a free e-book PDF then taking them to an email capture form in exchange would be a better idea.

People would be happier with a free item,

The could then be redirected to a thank you page and then back to the main site

Their IP address used to make sure they don’t see the pop-up again

This visitor is now in the sales funnel; giving you opportunity to begin email marketing to them



Mobile Site

The inlay below shows how the website appears on the Iphone 6S

mobile website seo


With nearly half of all searches carried out on a mobile device it is vital the mobile site is setup to convert

You can see there is too much text

No unique sales proposition and no call to action

The biggest weakness here is that there is no immediately visible phone number or email

We can not recommend strongly enough that you employ a ‘click to call’ telephone number clearly visible as soon as anyway lands on your mobile site!

Lets look at SB Live Media’s to show we practice what we preach:

sblive media mobile seo


I have highlighted:

Clickable telephone number AND email,

Clear Unique Sales proposition

AND clear call to action

So our visitors know exactly what to do if they ‘want more clients to help’


Site Speed

Checking Gwinganna at  https://tools.pingdom.com for site page load speed we can see there is room for improvement

Website speed test


It is stated that in today’s fast paced world anything over 2 seconds is too much much for peoples patience

Even more so on a mobile device

Google Developers page insights give a list of the issues that need to be addressed.

Google Developers Page insights are available at:


PageSpeed InsightsdPageSpeed Insightsm


Check your site and then ask your developer to take care of any issues.




Technical Audit Onsite

We ran this site through Screaming Frog software which allows us to crawl the website and pick up any potential technical issues with website onsite structure.

gwinganna website audit


As you can see we highlighted quite a few!

For SEO purposes duplicated or missing Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 & H2 Headings must be addressed.

Where the meta description is over 156 characters they will not display properly in the search results

This is more a conversion factor

Let me show you

meta description optimisation

Here’s  perhaps a better example:

optimised meta


so by now maybe you’ve seen some easy fixes for your own site

Now lets get into how Gwinganna are getting all that traffic


Social Media Involvement

Surprisingly Gwinganna aren’t massively involved in social media

social media


As pointed out earlier they have no links from their site at all.

They have a well liked Facebook page but little else – Over 4000 likes

facebook gwinganna


They haven’t even set up a background image

and their last post at time of writing this was three days ago!

Social media involvement not only helps with brand awareness, trust and organic leads

but is also a big part of Google’s algorithm

Their lack of social media involvement is an opportunity for us to exploit




Offsite Optimisation – Backlinks

Now we’ll analyse the search engine optimisation of the website using some software, again the software we have used is available for free

First up we will use Majestic SEO’s software from  www.majestic.com,

this will allow us gauge not only how many back links a site has

But also the quality of them

Majestic also gives us some useful metrics

majestic metrics


Gwinganna’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow is good roughly 2:1 CF to TF

Whilst we’re looking at metrics

Using another tool by a company called Moz we can see www.gwinganna.com is a high authority domain

The values for Page Authority and Domain Authority are higher than average

moz metrics


Again you can use it free here https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/

As with all these metrics you can read more about them in out SEO guide available here Drug Rehab Marketing

Doing a simple number comparison of your website metrics against this will give you an idea of what you are up against

Back to back links;

Still the biggest factor in search engine ranking among the 200+ factors considered in Google’s algorithm

As you can see there are over 3000 back links pointing at this site from 532 separate domains or website URLs

backlinks checker


You can use there free service here: https://majestic.com

the next thing we will look at using this software is the quality of the back links pointing at their site.

below is a list of the first 8 or so

back link quality


These sites CF and TF higher than Gwinganna and the ratio between them is closer to a 1

These are some pretty good links

Clicking through on the hyperlink itself to the referring domain gives you a better idea of the quality

Queensland Tourism Awards 2016 2014 Winners     The big chill the world s top 10 best places to relax



7 reasons to love Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat Styling You      Gala Ball Foundation for Children


As you can see they have been featured in some high authority blogs and have even won awards!

Their back link profile is also more or less what we’d expect to see

anchor ratio


Ideal Anchor Ratio

  1. Naked URL – 25%
  2. Brand name – 15%
  3. Business owner –5%
  4. Main keyword – 5%
  5. Other anchor text – 50%

As you can see Gwinganna’s backlinks are mainly based around combinations of the naked URL and the percentages are slightly higher

overall the ratio looks fine and is not keyword heavy which could lead to penalty.

It is fair to say Gwinganna are ranking thanks to a great number of back links

And not only that

The majority are back links from high authority sites


The backlink profile is clean with a good anchor text ratio





Gwinganna are a well established and popular oragnisation, having won several awards

They are also well rated and reviewed

This is reflected in the some 3600 monthly searches for the brand directly

They are well suppported regularly featured in other high authority webistes and blogs linking to them

All of this means the domain is also recognised as being high authority as reflected by the metrics discussed earlier


There are many weaknesses with the website overall and it has not been optimized for conversion rate at any stage

They are also behind with the times with regard to social media involvement

They will be difficult to compete with


With expert help there are opportunities to exploit and market share to be taken

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