Getting Online Reviews For Your Health Retreat Or Addiction Treatment Center

The internet is the first place everyone looks when searching for virtually anything.

It goes without saying that your image on the web carries a lot of weight.

With client ratings and reviews so readily available, it is no mystery why over 90% of consumers depend on them when it comes to deciding what to buy or what to invest on.

Your name on the virtual space is a precious commodity and keeping it in perfect shape should be among your top priorities.

Putting time, effort and resources in handling your business profile online is by no means difficult, a “cheat” or a luxury.

It is absolutely essential.

There’s nothing wrong with asking your clients to take a few minutes to write about their experience in your facility.

Most people do this either way within their social circles, and nowadays this has grown to include their online social grid as well.

In this business, as in most others, the same universal truth applies: there’s no such thing as bad advertisement.

Here are five things you can do to help your business soar.




Make – Manage – Master (your online presence)


directories-400x500The first order of business you need to address in order to augment the volume of reviews you receive is to maintain (and manage) an online profile on most or all of the relevant online platforms.

This includes your business page on all the well known platforms Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages, and so on and so forth.

The building block of your branding campaign is your coherent presence online, so don’t be shy.

“Carpet bomb” all possible places a prospective patient could be looking for your services and plant a profile in each.

After you get your “foot in the door”, make those profiles alive and professional looking.

Add content on a regular basis and make it engaging and relevant.

Quality is key, though quantity also matters to a certain extent.

This is a good time to start thinking of outsourcing your social accounts management to a professional web-content writer or social media manager.

Needless to say, addiction treatment related directory sites which attract a lot of traffic are an absolute must when it comes to online presence. There are a large number of rehab directories and review sites which are easily found with a quick Google search.


Your profile on those should blend seamlessly with their tone and it should look and feel like it belongs there.



We are live!


online-reviews-1So now your profiles are live on most online platforms.

What’s next?

Shifting the gears of course!

Get started on reading reviews as soon as possible and remember to respond to as many as possible (ideally all).

This will help you to get the feel of review management and later on to implement review-attracting techniques.

It is important to address most or, if possible, all reviews, good and bad.

The sense of acknowledgement and engagement this practice creates in your clients is worth “its weight in gold”.

Devote time and effort in researching how to handle positive and negative reviews in a way that is compatible with the health care industry.

Research the specific rules of etiquette health professionals use when responding to feedback and apply them to your communication with your clients.

That way you will be able to manage anything your clients throw at you, thus mitigating the collateral damage of even the nastiest reviews.


Online reviewing 101

reviewuspleasejmOnce you get your clients’ attention and those first reviews start rolling in, it’s time to get their engagement.

Start by redirecting them to the exact spot they should go to leave a comment on their consumer experience at your business.

Let them know how and where they can review you.

Make the whole process easy and quick.

Review solicitation is not always acceptable by online platforms, but nobody said you cannot put a sticker or a discreet sign in your facility which lets people know you are on Google+ and on Facebook.

Personalized links are your friends when it comes to review sites and making those links available to your clients will work wonders for your business in the long run.

There is no need to get pushy or overexcited with these (so no pop-ups), but a gentle reminder to your clients to leave a comment and a rating will go a long way.

Again, media saturation is crucial.

Set up a Facebook business page for people to leave their reviews and do the same with all platforms you maintain a presence on.

If you want to escalate, be sure to check how to set up a review portal (e.g.

This will make it much easier to keep track of the websites you should definitely be on to maximize your reviews.

On a personal level you can hand out flyers which enhance your “reviewability” and instruct your clients how to make it happen.

Have your staff mention it too when people register or leave.

Make a small note on your registration forms as well.

Be discreet but constant.


Tell everybody


She Said blogWhen someone leaves you a good review, make sure to tell as many people you can.

Share it on your website, on your Facebook, Tweet it, and so on and so forth.

This serves two purposes.

On one hand it spreads the word on the quality of your services and on the other it reminds people to review.

Help keep in your clients’ minds what’s great about your business and why they should choose you.

Your fame as a good treatment center is much like a sophisticated Zen garden.

It takes time and effort every day to perfect it.

Tend to your garden and you won’t be disappointed.

Put in a small pebble of effort every day.

That way you’ll build a solid name for your business and attract new clients, which is after all the bottom line of any business.

The bottom line



No matter how good you are in managing your online presence, nothing compares to how important it is to keep your game in top-notch condition.

When all is said and done, the quality of your services is what makes your patients want to review you.

Take no shortcuts in this area and also ask your patients directly.

Encourage them to provide you with valuable feedback about their experience in your facility; ask them what they liked and didn’t like and use this information.

Put this info to work and implement changes where changes are due.

It is called constructive criticism for a reason.

Moreover, if your clients are not happy with your services for any reason, it is much better for you to catch the flak on the spot, than let them just “throw jabs” at your business online.

Ask them to give you their suggestions on how to improve and invite their criticism.

It will not necessarily deter them from writing a bad review, but in most cases it will cushion the blow.

After all frustration is best vented early, before it builds up internal pressure and it manifests as horrible reviews online.

Also, don’t forget to smile.

What do I do about trash talking?

When it comes to bad reviews online, it is best to view them as natural phenomena, much like the wind and the rain.

You cannot control what people say about your, but neither should you worry too much about bad reviews.

After you secure a steady and sizable volume of reviews, the scales will balance out, wielding a positive outcome for your business.

As far as online reviews are concerned, the more is indeed the merrier.

And this makes absolute sense.

The sheer number of the reviews you get showcases how busy your center is.

Prospective clients will probably not read them all, but even if they read three or four out of two hundred, the impression sticks.

Even if they read a bad one, they know that many people have trusted you before and many cared enough to write about their experience.

This kind of engagement is viral and you should look for it as much as possible.

Volume, not uniformity is what you want here.

A healthy mix of good and bad reviews presents the image of a solid, up-an-running business; entirely approachable and trustworthy.

Just a few good reviews shows you are still struggling to attract clients whereas unrealistic, uniform praise looks (and probably is) fishy at best.

In a sea of reviews, the impact of a few bad ones is but a nuisance and not a serious threat.

They can even help a bit!




In conclusion


Getting people to talk about your business online is very important.

The more people review your Drug Rehab Facility, the better; even to the extent that the volume of reviews protects you from the worst effects of the occasional bad one.

The quality of your services should do most of the “talking” when it comes to encouraging your clients to review, but nudging them gently and discreetly to leave a comment or two should also be part of your strategy.

Online reputation building is important for any business, even more so for businesses in sensitive fields such as addiction and drug rehab.

However, it is only one side of online marketing. Allocate your resources wisely and don’t neglect other digital marketing tools,like content marketing and SEO. See our complete SEO Guide for Health Retreats & Addiction Treatment Centers HERE 

Take no shortcuts and really invest in your image building.

Be excellent, be thorough, and most of all be everywhere.

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