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A Report Into The State Of Online Marketing In The Health Retreat Industry

Online Marketing made simple & how your competition is stealing your market share!

As an online marketing specialist in the Health Retreat industry we are often asked which are the best and most cost effective, online methods to generate new visitors that will convert to sales. The industry is always changing and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast number media streams to put your Health Retreat in front of the correct audience. In turn each option will yield different results, some generate more traffic, some lead to higher conversions but all vary in cost and level of input involved. So you must ask: What is the perfect marketing strategy for success? Which methods are the most effective? Where will I get the biggest return on the investment? And, perhaps the most important What are my competition doing? Good news! We are going to try answer all these questions today, But first a quick word about pay per click advertising Pay per click adverting through Google or the other searches can be greatly beneficial to any online marketing campaign however any long term strategy must include search engine optimisation which will be the focus of our report Not only does it bring in better leads but in the Health Retreat industry potential customers will judge a website and the company it represents on trust factors. As consumers we are bombarded with paid advertising thousands of times every day There is a natural reaction to assume the offer doesn’t have your at heart Think about it Appearing in the top 10 organic search listings – put there by Google according to their highly complex algorithm to weed out poor quality and untrustworthy websites – stands as testament to your potential client that your business can be trusted.

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HEALTH RETREAT INDUSTRY REPORT So by now you’re probably thinking How can I get our Health Retreat listed on the first page of Google for a key search term that will lead to a sale? To answer that we took 10 of the highest traffic generating key terms relevant to the Health Retreat industry and made a list of the successful retreats that appeared on the first page. From Google Keyword Planner:

Key Search Terms  Avg. monthly searches 
health retreats 3,600
health retreats n.s.w 1,900
health retreat nsw 1,900
detox retreat 1,900
health retreat victoria 1,000
health retreat au 1,000
health retreat australia 1,000
detox retreat uk 1,000
health retreat bali 880
health retreat united kingdom 720

You can read more about the Google Keyword planner and how to use it in our Drug Rehab SEO Guide HERE


What are your competition doing that you aren’t?

We then analysed the Health Retreats and Detox Resorts that appeared on the first page in the organic listing. We based our analysis on two main factors (OK, we know Google analyses a website on over 200 factors but stick with us and we’ll explain)

  1. Back Links

Back links are hyperlinks attached to images or text that link one website page to another with a click of the mouse. For example CLICK HERE to go Our Conversion Factor Guide. Putting SEO into the most simple of terms the more back links you have the higher your site will rank. Google and the other search engines read these as votes of confidence of a websites quality and usefulness. At a certain point the other 199 + factors will have more gravity when competing for the top 3 – 5 spots.

  1. Social Media Following

Social Media is part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Google is by no means stupid. It knows links can be bought and sold which of course means they are less trustworthy. Social Media following and shares are another ranking factor that cannot as easily be faked. ‘Social Signals’ give a clear indication of the social interaction, popularity and buzz around a company and its services.

WELLNESS RETREAT SEO SB Live Media have added this factors to score the top sites pulled from the initial search engine crawl on the 15/06/16 You can now see how your retreat compares with your competition There is no doubt they are reaping the rewards from successfully ranking! Good news:

They can ALL be beaten with the correct strategy

Here they are

Back links Twitter Followers Facebook Likes SB Live Score 250 60218 60,468 730 17900 25442 44,072 49 303 33027 33,379 517 413 30887 31,817 37 693 19494 20,224 303 2169 16380 18,852 32 165 18322 18,519 5 14454 1792 16,251 41 1004 14966 16,011 281 1,044 13409 14,734 2,800 1,807 7097 11,704 988 1,843 6,695 9,526 6 1784 7690 9,480 46 2334 6571 8,951 241 119 7,958 8,318 142 177 6974 7,293 549 4808 28854 5,357 59 1397 3215 4,671 0 116 3,351 3,467 69 926 2029 3,024 23 145 2488 2,656 18 2321 2,339 50 92 1904 2,046 18 961 677 1,656 19 574 868 1,461 77 5 1,255 1,337 13 242 902 1,157 24 194 874 1,092 120 909 1,029 183 761 944 13 11 622 646 33 0 588 621 88 2 520 610 88 492 0 580 17 490 507 1 0 414 415 242 242

HEALTH RETREAT RANKING As we mentioned earlier Google considers some 200+ factors when determining what sites will appear on page 1 As you will see below the top 3 on our list are not all in the top 3 for Googles list:

Our Top 3

Retreat                               Key Term                                              Position Billabong Retreat           health retreats n.s.w                           9 Champneys                       health retreat united kingdom        1 Bliss Sanctuary               health retreat bali                                 8 Never the less they are still in page 1 for highly completive and high traffic generating key search terms Perhaps it should be noted that in the case of Bliss Sanctuary and Billabong Retreat there is only actually 5 businesses in each case ranking above them. The rest are directories, online magazine round ups etc Why’s this important? These three key search terms produce over 3500 searches each month And what does that mean? Without getting too complicated the closer to position 1 a site ranks the higher the percentage ‘click through’ rate of a user searching the relevant key search term. The higher this rate is, the more traffic will arrive at your site and depending on some conversion factors, more about that in our Health Retreat Page conversion optimisation guide, this equals more sales. With the correct strategy like they can climb the ranks and take back their fair share of the market from their competitors. HEALTH RETREAT SEO

How do I beat my competition in the Health Retreat industry?

Whilst still keeping things really simple we have seen that we need votes of confidence to earn Google’s trust and a place in the traffic generating top 10, Where we generate traffic and get sales What does that mean for you? Again simply speaking if you get more links and more social media involvement you will climb the ranks.


There are several methods the first thing to say is be very careful if you choose to buy them, however– WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST BUYING LINKS. This is highly against Googles guidelines and if you buy from a poor supplier you could possibly end up with a penalty which could cripple your business. The are some fairly clever ways to earn backlinks from reporting broken links on a industry relevant website and offering a link to your own, sharing a clever info graphic you make on a directory, leaving testimonials online of products your business uses or even donating to a non-profit organisation to earn a link. Where do I get high quality backlinks for FREE? Posting guest articles or posts on high quality blogs is hands down the best route to earn links safely and for free. The best part This method creates genuine links that if placed on popular and industry relevant blogs may also organically drive traffic. This is fairly easy, can reap high quality links but it is more importantly sustainable. Google themselves even accept guest posts on its analytics blog! The one draw back It can be time consuming, you will have to reach out to the blog with a pitch and then provide high quality content. So how do you do it? The easiest way is simply to search for opportunities using Google. Use Google search queries to find blogs accepting guest contributors:

  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + guest post by

The it is a case of following the blogs guidelines with our to contact them, what to provide and how to structure the guest post.


Before you provide content check other guest posts to ensure the links they provide are ‘DO FOLLOW’. These are the only links that will pass ‘link juice’ and boost your rankings. To do this use the Google Chrome web browser add-on ‘NoFollow’. Make sure you get your link within the body of the text

Social Media Presence & Interaction Social Media

Social media must be included in a comprehensive marketing strategy for any Health Retreat All health retreats must have a presence on social media sites (a good example is so that potential customers can find them, see what’s on offer, see how current and previous customers enjoy the retreat and engage with you the provider The bottom line is Social Media build trust, shows your company is real, personable and encourages conversations, followings and shares. Social Media builds your brand and shows google your company and website is trusted and should be displayed in the relevant search results. Social media presence improves search engine rankings, maintains a company’s visibility online, and personalizes the brand. All businesses need to learn how to get on board with social media or be left behind in the coming years.

How do I get started with Social Media?

If you’ve not yet created your social media profiles with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc you are already behind the competition Luckily we’ve got you covered! There are some great start up guides here

Ok, now what?

Once you’re setup up you’ll need to post regularly to grow your audience and then keep them engaged We’d like to invite you to use our FREE dashboard organise all your social media here: Our dashboard allows you to:

  • Save hours of time on your social networks
  • Increase your engagement, likes and success
  • Easily find and post relevant content & videos
  • Schedule days or weeks of content in minutes
  • Manage your social networks in one place

On top of the SEO benefits as demonstrated above Social Media is very powerful as a tool in its own right. One important point to consider, People heavily base their purchase decisions on the opinions of others. Getting social conversions requires regular engagement with high quality, relevant content – again try our free dashboard out.


HEALTH AND WELLNESS SEO So you’ve getting more twitter followers every day, the Facebook likes are in the 5 figures and you are earning regular guest posts Now what? Your website should be climbing the ranks quickly and your social media engagement and guest posts may even be driving traffic or even converting to sales. That’s half the battle Now we need to really push past the competition and to do that we need to optimise the website in order to satisfy ALL of the 200+ factors Google analyses. Among many others this will include optimising content and its structure on the site itself, ensure the load speed is below 2 seconds and that website is mobile friendly Check out our latest COMPLETE SEO guide for Drug Rehab Centres but we highly suggest you take one of our FREE video audits – with absolutely no commitment and no risk – where we will pin point exactly what is losing you profit to your competition.

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